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                              Upcoming Litters


Please see my Adoption Info page if you are interested in adopting and would like to be put on the wait list for babies from a specific litter.

Litters listed below are typically born in the month they are listed in and available for adoption 5-6 weeks from their date of birth. Dwarf and manx babies will be available after 6-8 weeks.

Please keep in mind that these are just plans and until the wait list for a litter is full things could change. Mother nature also gets the last word and not all pairings may result in a litter.   

Due to the large amount of adopters showing an interest in adopting I will be having more than 2 litters a month for 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Thank you to all the wonderful adopters for their support and continued love of pet rats!  



 Animal Groups Litter - SITH Nougat TOPI x SITH Coconut Swirl TOPI : Nougat is a silly boy. He's playful, loves to popcorn, and is always up for a wrestling match. Swirl is a sweet and quiet girl. She's not shy, but she is on the reserved side, preferring to sit on my shoulder and watch the excitement happen around her, rather than be involved in it. I'm hoping that their babies will be outgoing, fun, and sweet. For colors I'm expecting black, agouti, Russian blue, UK mink, UK havana, beige, and fawn with markings being self and roan. Half of the babies will have rex fur and they will all have dumbo ears. The Wait List is OPEN for 2 more adopters!

 Jellybean Bugs Litter - TOPI Black Medic Snow Moon x TOPI Dandelion Wolf Moon : Medic is a sweetheart. Just a sappy, sweet as honey, chunk of a rat. Dandelion is such a happy girl, and so very sweet. Together I believe that they will make some of the sweetest babies to ever grace this planet. For colors I'm expecting black and agouti with a small chance of Russian blue, American blue, Russian silver, and the agouti versions of those three colors. Their markings will range from hooded to dalmatian and some of the babies will be downunder. Some of the babies might have dumbo ears and all of the babies will have standard fur. The Wait List is FULL!

 January Coming soon!
 February Coming soon!



I will not have babies available in March 2014 and December 2014. This allows my rats to take a break and just play all the time. They have a rat wall to play on, free roam time, and play time on the bed with us all the time, instead of having to take breaks to take care of babies :) To see videos of them playing go to my Fun Rat Videos page.