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                  Rat Training Classes

Have you ever wanted to train your rats to do tricks but just don't know how or where to even start? I might be able to help with that . From basic tricks such as shoulder riding to advanced tricks like rolling a ball or playing basketball as well as litter box training and show prep. For those who would like to start entering their rat in the agility competition at shows I can teach you how to teach and guide your rat through a full obstacle course.

Classes are held in your home for the safety of both your rats as well as mine back home. Because of this scheduling must be done at least 2 weeks in advance for a session so that proper quarantine measures can be taken. There is a health questionnaire at the bottom of this page that must be filled out and returned to me before any classes can be scheduled. If you are unsure of how to evaluate your rat's health it may be suggested that your rat visit a veterinarian before any training sessions occur. In the event that your rat does become ill prior to a session your session can be rescheduled for a later date after a minimum 1 month waiting/quarantine period.

I use a clicker, organic treats, and positive reinforcement as training tools as I have always found no matter what the species that positive methods yield positive results. Not every rat learns at the same pace but I truly believe that every rat can be trained. My ultimate goal is to strengthen the relationship between rats and their owners while both learn fun new activities that they can do together .


The Basics

Name Recognition - Teaches your rat to recognize and respond to their name.

Coming When Called - Teaches your rat to come when their name is called. Perfect for those who love to have their rats free roam.

Touch - Teaches your rat to touch your hand when prompted. Perfect for regaining a rats focus.

Riding the Shoulder - Teaches your rat how to comfortably ride on your shoulder.

Standing - Teaches your rat to stand on it's hind legs when prompted.

Spin - Teaches your rat to spin in a circle on command.

Rope Walk/Climb - Teaches the rat to walk and climb a rope.


Little More Advanced

Body Climb - Teaches your rat to climb your body to your shoulder.

Ball Rolling - Teaches your rat to roll a ball with their front feet to you.

Fetch - Teaches your rat to retrieve and return a paper ball or other like item of your choice.

Basketball - Teaches your rat to place a ball through a hoop on command.

Tug-o-War - Teaches your rat to play tug with you and be able to release when the command is given.

Dance - Teaches your rat to combine standing and spinning in to a dance.


Agility Training

Tunnel - Teaches your rat to run through a tunnel.

Chute (Collapsed Tunnel) - Teaches your rat to run through a chute.

Weave Poles - Teaches your rat to weave through poles.

Bar Jumps - Teaches your rat how to jump over a short jump (both height wise and length wise)

Tire Jump - Teaches your rat to jump through a small rat sized tire.

Broad (long) Jump - Teaches your rat to jump over a long obstacle.

Teeter - Teaches your rat to go over and stand on a see-saw.

Pause Table - Teaches your rat to jump onto and stay on a small table.

Plank Walk - Teaches your rat to walk a balance beam like board.

A-Frame - Teaches your rat to climb and descend an A-Frame obstacle.

Water Obstacle - Teaches your rat to jump over and entirely clear a water obstacle.



Full Show Prep Class - Teaches you and your rat how to get ready for a show.

Musical Freestyle -  Teaches you and your rat how to create and perform a freestyle dance routine together (for advanced students).

Potty Training - Help with training your rat to use the litter box both inside and outside of the cage.


Prices are $20 per appointment. I only teach one action per appointment until the end of an agility set at which time I'll run multiple actions in a session.

If you are interested in signing up for a training session please fill out the form HERE and hit submit. I will be in contact with you soon