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Rat Proofing Your Home

When rat proofing a room you want to start by removing all the furniture or other objects you don't want damaged. Rat's have a tendency to chew on wood, fabric, carpet, soft plastic and paper, and sometimes even the walls themselves. Remove all electrical wires from the room, or out of little paws reach. You can also try covering electrical wires with heavy rubber mats or thick plastic tubing. Remove any hazardous plants, medications, cleaning supplies, candy or alcohol and tobacco products; and know that rats can and will chew into plastic containers.

Inspect the room for any hidden holes, open vents and open areas in furniture. You will want to cover these holes with wire mesh or wood at least a half an inch thick. When rats are out playing wear slippers, not hard soled shoes, in case you accidentally don't see them and they get kicked or stepped on. Remove recliners from the rats room because the risk to the rat getting hurt inside one is very high.