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Rat Cage Accessories

Fill your rat's cage with stimulating accessories from a pet store, or create your own. You can find many things o make rat toys out of. If you go to any fabric or carpet store and ask for the cardboard tubes they roll their stuff on you can easily convert them into tubes and pathways to play and sleep in. They can also be cut in half and hung from cage bars with zip ties. PVC piping can also be connected to make mazes ad fun tubes for crawling in.

Or, insert a piece of rope through cuts in a tennis ball and hang this from the top of the cage. It provides them with hours of play trying to hang from it and chase it in circles.

Sisal ropes make wonderful hand made ladders as well. Tie a knot and start threading the rope back and forth through the sides of the cage. Cereal boxes, soda boxes, and milk cartons make wonderful little houses. They also provide something to chew on and are easily replaced when they get dirty or chewed up. Baskets can be attached inside the cage to the cage walls for climbing and resting areas.

Make sure to check your local thrift store too for old children’s toys that rats will love to climb in/on and play with. Old doll houses, block sets, and large toddler toys are just some of the few things that will keep your rats entertained for hours.