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Due to adopters backing out on reservations on babies at the last minute, or after having me hold them for weeks and then not taking them home, I am now forced to require a non-refundable deposit of half the adoption fee in order to reserve babies, with the other half of the adoption fee to be paid once you receive your babies. The deposit is due 7 days after you pick your babies. If I do not receive the adoption deposit within those seven days you will lose the reservation on those babies, unless we have previously discussed an exception. The deposit can be mailed to me as a postal money order or cash with a delivery confirmation only, no checks please. Please contact me at for the mailing address or with any questions  


Any standard sized baby rat, of any color, pattern, coat or ear type : $30.00

Any dwarf baby rat, of any color, pattern, coat or ear type : $35.00

Any manx baby rat, of any color, pattern, coat or ear type : $50.00

Any standard rat going to a breeder : $40.00 (also willing to trade with qualified breeders)

Any dwarf rat going to a breeder : $60.00

Any manx rat going to a breeder : $80.00

Any adoptable rat : $10.00 for standard rats, $15 for dwarf (any age past 6 months, and to approved pet homes only. Returning adopters get first pick.)


Once the babies are ready to come home I will contact you and we will arrange pick-up. There are two ways to arrange pick-up as I am a closed rattery so no babies will be picked up directly from my home. This is to keep my animals safe and reduce exposure to things like parasites, bacteria, etc. that can be brought in on people. The meeting options are; Meeting at a location of my choosing that has a notary public on site that can notarize the adoption contract for us, or I can email you the adoption contract prior to us meeting and you can have it notarized and then just return it to me when you get your babies, in which case we can meet wherever is convenient for you. If you will need delivery outside of Oregon City  please read about that option below.


I am willing to ship at adopters expense by approved airline only. I WILL NOT ship any less than 6 rats at a time. Shipping can be costly (between $250-$300 just for the plane ticket and not including the carrier or price of the rats) and is really not worth it or safe if only shipping a couple of rats. This option is mostly for out of state breeders and for groups of adopters in other states who all want to do a shipment together and get their babies at the same time. Please contact me for more info or with any questions.


Deliveries in Oregon City are free and I will deliver to any where else in Oregon down to Lebanon, and up to Vancouver WA for the price of gas. 1 time fee, does not apply per rat. I use Mapquest's fuel calculator to determine the cost of gas for the trip. The payment for gas must be sent in when you send in your adoption deposit. I will not deliver ratties without gas money.

Any questions please feel free to contact me at