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Must Have Rat First Aid Kit

Rat emergencies are stressful enough without having to rush around the house in a panic trying to find first-aid supplies. So let's take a few minutes to put together a rat first aid kit so you will have exactly what you need when you need it.

The first thing you will need is a box, such as a small metal or plastic toolbox, or a small plastic tub to hold all of your emergency supplies. Clearly mark the box as "Rat First Aid Kit." Place the following things in the box:

Cotton balls

Gauze pads (3x3 or 4x4)

Adhesive tape

Chlorhexidine solution 2%

Povidone iodine solution (Betadine)

Saline solution (provided from veterinarian or feed store)

Styptic powder or sticks (available at most pharmacies, but can be substituted with flour or cornstartch)

Scissors (blunt tipped)

Nail Clippers (for kittens is usually better)

Tweezers (pin not flat point)

Plastic syringes (3 to 12 millileters; available from your vet or feed store)

Soft cloth

Card with your veterinarians name and phone number on it (laminated)


Pen or Pencil


These items will provide you with what you need to take care of minor injuries at home and keep your rat safe enough for tranport to the vet. Make sure you keep your kit near your rats and in a place where you or someone else can always find it. And remember, if in doubt, call your veterinarian.