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Please see my adoption info page to get on the wait list or to adopt babies!!!!

Adopters! Please remember that babies from different litters can easily be adopted together :)

When babies are available you can click on the pictures below to be taken to that litter's page.


Babies are here and pictures will be posted by 10/17 (We are just waiting for fur to come in and eyes to open )


 The current litters are:

Alaskan Wild Flowers Litter (2 baby girls; both mink velveteen dumbos)

Punk Panda Litter (7 babies; 2 boys, 5 girls, all are dumbo dalmatians)

Mellow Yellow Litter (8 babies; 3 boys, 5 girls, black and agouti, with dumbo and standard ears)


  Past Litters