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Rat-A-Rama Show 2013

Posted on June 3, 2014 at 1:00 PM

This show was small, personable, and a lot of fun! It was out in Boise, ID, and while the drive was a pain, it was very worth it! The rats didn't do as well in the show as I had hoped, but I'm still very proud of all of them, it didn't impact them any and they had a great time dispensing kisses and snuggles to the Boise public :)

Rat-a-Rama 2013 Results

Best In Show Marked Kitten

KCH TOPI Alliaria

Mink English Irish Hairless 98%

Bred and Owned by Kelsey Kruger, TOPI Rattery

Variety Winners:

Kitten Marked Fur Variety: KCH TOPI Alliaria 98%

Kitten Unstandardized: TOPI Chris Keller 97%

Blue Ribbon Rats:

KCH TOPI Alliaria 98%

TOPI Chris Keller 97%

TOPI Simple Curve 96%

TOPI Ume 96%

TOPI Lucius Verus 95%

TOPI Vertex 95%

Full show results here:


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