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Uber Babies

Posted on February 12, 2011 at 3:59 PM

You know, it's moments like these that I remember why I became a breeder in the first place. Love.

I am currently in my bedroom where the babies and moms reside, surrounded by babies who are nomming on veggies and noodles and causing quite a racket. I'm watching them play, develop ratty behaviors, learn social structures, explore limits, and it just makes me realize how very special rats are. For me, having no children and not being able to have them in the future, this is like watching my kids grow up, go to school, and then go out in to the world to prove themselves as individuals once they go home with their new owners. Knowing that these kids are all just waiting to go home with their new families adds so much comfort to the situation, it's truly fantastic <3



I'm getting to be with these babies almost 24/7, with the only exception being the few hours that I leave for work each day. Those are daytime hours though so the babies are normally asleep and I don't feel like either of us is really missing anything  ;) . I've been having trouble with my back and stomach lately so I am awake most of the night and I am really enjoying playing with the babies at night as well. They are so darn hyper at night but man do they love their kisses. I haven't had a baby yet turn down some mid run and pounce kisses to the head :p.



I can't wait till all of you have your babies and get to enjoy them like I have :) .



On a different note, Angelica had her babies yesterday and she as well as all of her babies (there are a lot!) are doing well. Because there are so many I am currently re-opening the wait list for anyone who is interested in adopting. To everyone currently on it, the babies are looking amazing and mom is doing so well with them. She is immensely attentive and is making sure they are all fed and cleaned routinely through out the day. I'm sure these kids will be amazing just like their parents :D .


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