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Ratapalooza 2012!!

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 11:05 PM

Ratapalooza 2012 was a huge success! It was VERY fun and as always I enjoyed hanging out with everyone a great deal!

Everyone I took did great and several babies were picked up and went to their forever homes. My show rattums did so well, and I posted their results below :)

Ratapalooza 2012:

TOPI Poetin (Black Variegated Dumbo) - Best of Section, Best of Variety, and Best in Show (Marked) 99% (104/105 possible points) Faulted -1, body too short.

SITH/JOY Bogglegum TOPI (Seal Point Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo) - Best in Show (Solid) 96% (96/100) Faulted -1 not correct color tone or intensity on points, and -3 for 3 white toes.

TOPI Waddiwasi (Albino Velveteen Dumbo) - (Exhibited by Ari (Amara's daughter) ) - Reserve of Show (Solid) 96% (101/105 possible points) Faulted: -1 narrow neck, -1 ears curling on edge, -2 overall lack of wave/curl for Velveteen.

TOPI Swarovski (Ivory Dumbo) - Best of Section and Best of Variety (Unstandardized) 98% (98/100) Faulted -1 blocky tail, and -1 too feminine for a buck.

TOPI Chiron (Agouti Berkshire) - Best of Section and Best of Variety (Marked Standard) 93% (98/105) Faulted -1 too hippy, -1 blocky tail, -1 wrinkles inside ears, -1 too feminine for a buck, -2 mark far too small, and -1 missing correct tail mark.

RMIS Shaz Mikal TOPI (Russian Blue Point Siamese) - Best of Variety (Shaded Standard) 95% (95/100) Faulted -1 blocky tail, -2 point color not even (judges note that she was not done molting), and -2 for 2 white toes.

Thank you to everyone that attended and I look forward to seeing you at the Fall Show in Port Orchard, WA in September!

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