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Come Fall for Rats 2011 Show Results

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 10:20 PM

What a fun show! It was a rush and I was a zombie after having driven 9 hours back from Cali to make the event, but it was so much fun to see all the regular rat peeps and get to meet many new ones. All the babies I brought were either pre-adopted or already had a couple of people interested in them so they were all able to go to their new homes, which was very exciting as it always is. The show rats did so well during prep, but little Aladar, my Russian champagne boy, didn't have such a good time once we got there. His pink eyes and poor eye sight did him no favors and he was very nervous, so I ended up not showing him and just let him relax with his buddies. Poor guy :( Everyone else did so very very well though. Rat Ballou won over many a person from the minute he entered health check to the moment I packed him and his buds up and sent them to their post show quarantine home with Kimber where he is still breaking hearts left and right with his incredibly kissable tummy. David Bowie of course did wonderfully too, even though his luxurious coat and it's color are starting to show his age, and Mr. Nigel Murray was a big hit with his scandalous little blaze covering the area his burmese points should be :P


Now on to show results!


TOPI Rat Ballou - Black eyed himilayen velveteen dumbo - Best of Show and Best of Variety (solid adult) - 102/105 points possible (97%), Faulted -1 curling on the edge of the left ear, -1 not correct color tone or intensity on the points, and -1 for spots of no wave in his coat.


TOPI David Bowie - Platinum agouti blazed berkshire rex odd-eye - Reserve of Show and Best of Variety (marked adult) - 110/113 points possible (97%), Faulted -1 dull/aged coat color, -1 not correct coat color intensity, and -1 marking extends past expected area on left side.


TOPI Expecto Patronum - Albino Velveteen - Best of Variety (solid kitten) - 100/105 points possible (95%), Faulted -2 body too short, -1 blocky tail, -1 eyes slightly small, and -1 lack of wave to whiskers.


TOPI Kleicha - Russian blue agouti bareback - Best of Variety - 102/105 points possible (97%), Faulted -1 body too short, -1 blocky tail, and -1 small additional marking.


Dmtn Calamity Jane TOPI - Mink English Irish dumbo dwarf - Best of Variety (dwarf) - 105/110 points possible (95%), Faulted -1 blocky tail, -2 uneven color, and -2 mark far too small.


TOPI Gothorita - Black variegated - Blue Ribbon - 102/105 points possible (97%), Faulted -1 narrow shoulders, -1 blocky tail, and -1 markings (cape) not symmetrical.


TOPI Tigress - Agouti hooded downunder velveteen - Red Ribbon - 102/110 points possible (93%), Faulted -2 body too short, -2 ear placement too narrow at crown, -2 additional markings on top hood, and -2 overall lack of wave or curl to coat.


SITH Ultima TOPI - Russian blue burmese dumbo - Blue Ribbon - 98/100 points possible (98%), Faulted -1 blocky tail, and -1 slightly small eyes.


JOY Lucas TOPI - Odd-eye white dumbo (from dalmatian lines and judged as a Black Eyed White) 90/100 points possible (90%), Faulted -1 body too short, -1 blocky tail, and -8 colored hairs on white rat (behind right ear).


I also showed TOPI Chilean Rose - Australian Cinnamon Irish dumbo, TOPI Peanut Wigglebutt - Himilayen based burmese dumbo, TOPI Mr. Nigel Murray - Russian blue wheaten burmese dumbo (blazed berkshire), and TOPI Togekiss - Russian cinnamon variegated velveteen in the unstandardized class in an effor to get their colors standardized. All that's needed now is for the club to vote on the colors and proposed associated standards at our next meeting and those colors will be standardized :)


Here is a link to the complete show results :




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