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Babies Everywhere!

Posted on December 24, 2010 at 5:52 PM

January is going to be insane! Firstly there are going to be babies galore. So far all the waitlists are full which is great! Thank you to everyone for being patient with me while Pixie tries for mommy-hood again. That little girl just has her own plans as to when her babies will be here :)


And speaking of someone having their own plans, it turns out that my down under girl Privy is pregnant! After trying twice over the last 3 months I finally just gave up on Bubba (her originally intended boyfriend) and let his brother T.C. try. I figured this would be my and her last try. If she wasn’t intended to have babies there was nothing I was going to do to change that. Well, low and behold she is with child! So there will be another litter due in December it looks like. Which may be a blessing in disguise since Pixie had other plans :/


Privy’s litter will be agouti Berkshires and hoodeds, rex and standard fur, and standard ears. I assume that there will be two spots open on the wait list, so if you are interested in this litter please either email me if you are currently waiting for babies from another litter, or fill out my adoption application located on my Adoption Info page.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Been a While

Posted on November 20, 2010 at 3:25 PM

Wow! Been a while since I last updated anything here, guess I got swept away with all the wonderful things that have been going on in the rat community here :)


We had our Come Fall for Rats show in Portland a few weeks ago and that was awesome! Quite the turn out from rat lovers and media alike. It was great for the rats. I think everyone that attended, and even those that didn't attend that just got to see the rats on the news or in the paper really fell in love with them. I mean really, how can you not? (Here's a link to one of the segments from the Channel 7 News's Good Day Oregon :


All my litters are growing up so quickly! It's amazing how big they get and how little time it takes for them to get that way. It feels like it was just yesterday that they opened their eyes. Soon they will be going home and I will miss them but I know how much their new owner's will love them and that makes me very happy :)


Umm, what else is new? Oh! Quality Cages ( ) has some of the best cages I have ever seen and I have recently had the pleasure of getting to have a few of them in my rattery (and soon many more!). I have phased out the Critter Nations entirely as I was tired of having to tear them down every week to clean them, and while I feel like the rats did have a lot of room they didn't use a lot of it. They seemed to really like the middle floor no matter where the hammocks, toys, food, etc. were. But with the Quality Cages every inch is utilized in some way as they are perfect for stacking and have plenty of open places to hang hammocks and toys. And the big huge added bonus of it all you may ask, well it's that they are collapsible! That's right, they fold down so that I can easily take them to the tub to clean them. No more cumbersome maneuvers through the hallway, or scratching myself on corners as I try not to scratch the tub. They are just great cages all the way around.


Switched the rats diet to this: with a little variation on the cereals and soup mixes to keep things interesting for the ratties. They seem to be doing really well on it and my heftier boys are trimming down finally (we got marked down for having "hefty and well fed" buck kittens (boy babies) at the last show since they didn't conform to the standard since they were too big, so a change in diet seems to be just what they needed :)


I put together a calendar finally since so many of my friends and adopters have been asking me to, but I couldn't find a program I liked that I could make the quality of calendar I wanted to make for the price I wanted it for. So I finally just gave in to the expensive, high quality calendar and I'll leave it up to you guy's. If you would like one they are $25 (which yes I know is insanely expensive, but it's $19.95 + shipping and handling and whatever is left over I am putting towards the rats and will keep everyone updated with pictures or videos of whatever I get for the ratties with the money once it get's to an amount where I can get them something big ;) ). Click HERE to see what the calendar looks like. If you would like to order one please email me at [email protected] :)

Children of Ouranos Litter Updates

Posted on September 17, 2010 at 1:00 PM

You know how they say that motherhood just becomes some women? I think it’s true for rats too.


HFLR Wiggy Woo, who when I got her at 9 months old would talk (squeak) every time I picked her up, or even looked at her like I was going to touch her, now doesn’t make a sound when I pick her up. She has turned in to quite the snuggle rat too. I think she truly enjoys our breakfasts together with her kids running around the table with us. She’ll stand on her place (a small knitted pot holder that my room mate gave to Wiggy) and wait patiently for a bit of whatever I’m eating. Once she has it though she takes a small bite, sits there for a moment and chews a few times to really get the full enjoyment out of the morsel, and then gives it to her daughter who runs off with it being closely chased by her brothers who eventually get their fair share (I always make sure to sneak her a bit extra as soon as Tisiphone runs off though ;) ).


It’s just really neat for me to see this dynamic unfold with her and her kids. Wiggy, while always a nice girl, was never one of my sweetest, most people oriented rats. That’s why I bred her to my boy Cheshire was to improve the personality of her kids and make them more personable while still keeping the manx going. But now, after having these babies, she is like a completely different rat. Affectionate, wants to be held and loved on, and a wonderfully loving mother. I’m really proud of my beautiful little girl <3


The personalities on her kids seem impeccable so far. Her two sons Briares (agouti) and Cottus (black) are very sweet and laid back. Briares fell asleep in my lap the other day and I was able to move him from my lap and back to their cage without him waking up. Little limp, sleepy rat. Reminded me of a little kid when they fall asleep on the couch and you have to move them back to bed, leg hanging down, hand dragging the teddy bear. It was really cute.


Her daughter, Tisiphone, is a very bold and adventurous little girl. She discovered pop corn yesterday and you would have thought she had just found gold. She snagged the piece from the bowl and darted back to the bonding pouch on the couch where she gave her kernel a thorough inspection, and then ate it like it was going out of style (well, as good of an eating job as a three week old can do :P ). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby rat that excited about anything. She loves to give run by kisses too.


All and all this is going to be a very fun litter to watch grow up and I am very pleased that I did this pairing :)

Finally! An update page!!!!

Posted on September 15, 2010 at 11:51 AM

Wow, been an interesting couple of months and it’s time I start an update page so those interested in the goings on in the rattery that don’t have Facebook can still be in the loop :)


On August 15th we packed up the ratties and moved to Portland, Oregon from Grand Lake, Colorado. So basically we went from being around 9,000 feet above sea level to around 500 and from temperatures in the 60’s to temp’s in the 90’s. Thank you to the person who created AC!

The rats did fantastic with the trip though. I made them some melon balls and grabbed carrots and grapes from the store on the way out of Colorado that they ate along the route. They were definitely ready to be done and back in their hammocks by the time we got to Portland though :P


I have a shipment coming up in October so reservations during September and October will be as follows:


Pet Adopters Having Rats Shipped

Pet Adopters in Order on the Wait List


At this point we are just waiting to finish painting and then the “studio” will be set back up and I can start posting pictures of the adorable little babies born this month.


BaCara Loratta has really surprised me by producing Russian blue shaded babies in her litter of 9 and also somehow having Siamese in the litter but not a single red eyed one. Very crafty that little girl is :D Yes, I know it was carried, but it’s 6 generations back on the dad’s side so who knew this would be the litter it would decide to finally pop up in? Happy little surprises that should have flooringly (I think I just made that word up :P) sweet personalities.


Wiggy Woo had 3 babies that are HUGE now. Their eyes opened yesterday and the babies are now all over the cage exploring. Wiggy spends most of her time chasing them down, putting them back in the nest, rinse, and repeat :P She also surprised me by giving me a recessive blazed baby that I can use to further the recessive marked manx line. I’m really hoping that the babies got their dad’s charismatic little smile and quirky, yet floppy personality.


And last but not least for September we have the show coming up on the 25th where I will be showing my first Harley (Thank you Morgan!!!) and possibly showing a Russian silver champagne boy, so everyone wish them luck! Go Double Rainbow, Go! :P


Things coming up in October:


Cinnamon and Mink litter (going to try again anyway)

Possible black and Russian blue manx litter

Russian blue, American blue, Russian silver, and black dwarf litter in standard and dumbo ears

Might try to do a Down under variegated, Berkshire, and hooded litter to be born November

Shipment within the US (Export later in April)


Going to be busy around here for a while, but we like it that way :D