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                                                        Adoption Information


Are you interested in adopting a Topi rat? If so, please fill out the adoption application that's linked to below this and hit send :) If you are a breeder please see the bottom of this page for more information :)

***Adopters! Please note that I will no longer be reserving rats without a deposit and I do not take deposits on babies that are not born yet. If you are interested in a baby they will be listed as "On Hold" for you from the date you show an interest and for one week (7 days) after that or until I receive your deposit. Once I have the deposit the baby will be listed as Reserved. This is to help me weed out who is truly looking to adopt from me and who just wants to waste my time. Also, I only adopt rats out in pairs! Rats are social animals that greatly depend upon members of their own species for things us humans just can't provide. Thank you for your understanding and love of rats! ***

*If you would like to adopt please be aware that I do require that my adoption contracts be notarized when signed. If this will be a problem you will want to look elsewhere to adopt as I will not negotiate on this.*

Short video on why it's important to have more then one rat, click HERE

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for babies from a future litter please fill out the adoption application linked to below after familiarizing yourself with the adoption process, which located further down this page :)

Please click here to fill out the adoption application

***In an effort to be more efficient in answering adoption applications and emails I will be replying to all emails on the weekends. If you do not hear from me by Sunday night please email me again and be sure something pertaining to rats is in the email subject. Thank you!***

Should you adopt boys or girls? There are many similarities between boys and girls, and some fun differences too! Here's a fun comparison to help you decide                             
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Boys   Girls



 Loves to play  X X
 More apt to snuggle
 More apt to be independent and adventurous
 Scent marks  X X
 Can be smelly   X X
 Smart X X
 Good pets for children
 X X
 Good lap rat
 Can learn tricks  X X
 Easy to train
 Can use a litter box
 More apt to destroy hammocks and toys
 Bonds easily to their human
 X X


 How the Adoption Process Goes

The very first thing to do is get on the wait list for a pair or more of babies from a litter (babies from different litters can also be adopted together without any problems). Do not get on everyone's (other breeders) wait lists! This causes problems for everyone and will most likely end with you getting no babies at all.

Once you are on a wait list and the parents have been bred and babies have been born you will be contacted and updated.

After the babies are born there will be a slight waiting period of about 2 weeks before individual pictures of the babies are posted. Group pictures may be available sooner. This is to allow ample time for them to develop both physically and mentally and allows me to see some of their individual personalities start to come forward prior to them becoming available. I want you, as the adopter, to have as much information about the babies you are choosing from as possible and temperament is very important to me.

 Once I post the babies individual pictures and have chosen the babies I intend to keep from the litter I will email everyone on the wait list and inform them that it is time to pick their babies. 

When you choose your babies you need to make your first picks and second picks as I work the wait list in the order in which people came on it. So you may not always get your first picks although I try very hard to make sure everyone gets the babies they want. I will always get first pick of the litter in order to continue and improve the lines here.

Once you have chosen your babies they will be placed on hold for you for 1 week or until I get their adoption deposit ( 1/2 their total adoption amount) in the mail, whichever comes first. I only accept postal money orders or cash with delivery confirmation. If you will need delivery the fee (gas money amount) for that also needs to be sent at the same time as the deposit. I will not deliver babies without the delivery fee prior.

After I receive the babies adoption deposit I will label the baby as permanently reserved by you.

Once the babies are ready to come home I will contact you and we will arrange pick up. There are two ways to arrange pick up as I am a closed rattery so no babies will be picked up directly from my home. The meeting options are; Meeting at a location of my choosing that has a notary public on site that can notarize the adoption contract for us, or I can email you the adoption contract prior to us meeting and you can have it notarized and then just return it to me when you get your babies, in which case we can meet wherever is convenient for you.

When you receive your babies the other half of their adoption fee is due. After that they are all yours but I am always available should you ever have any questions or should anything ever come up with your ratties. If at any time you can no longer keep or care for the rats from me I will gladly take them back.



*Update for 2011 - I am entering a phase in my breeding program where I will be doing a couple of out crosses, bringing in new lines, and combining a couple of my current lines. This means that I will not be able to work with any breeders for a minimum of two years. If I have babies available to breeders I will inform those that have shown an interest in waiting until such a time. Otherwise, like I said, it will be a while before I will be working with any other breeders. *Special cases such as co-breedings and breeders who's lines I have that they would like offspring from will be the only exception to this.*



***Breeders!!! Please note that while I enjoy helping out new breeders I do not tend to adopt to them. This is for a couple reasons, with the main one being that most new breeders don't stick around longer than a year and I don't want to have to have my rats re-homed after just a short time and to people I know nothing about. I just don't feel comfortable with it. But if you are a new breeder (less than 3 years experience) please don't feel like you can't even ask to adopt. There are always exceptions for those who are well versed in genetics, have a mentor that is in good standing in the rat community, or if you have references from other breeders. I know it sounds like I am just being a bully who doesn't want to work with anyone new, but that is not the case. I am willing to help with any questions you may have and will assist you in any way I can with learning how being a rat breeder goes.

I have been forced to be extremely picky and almost paranoid about whom I adopt my rats to. It is far too easy for people to lie about themselves and their practices. So please understand that although I may have a lot of questions for you, or may want to see pictures of some of your rats and your rattery, I am only doing it to ensure that my rats go to the best homes possible and to ratteries where they will be helping that breeders program and benefiting the species as a whole.***

Please click HERE and answer the following questions as well as filling out and submitting the adoption application located above.

Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter :)