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Adopter’s Testimonials

These are some testimonials from people and families that have adopted Topi rats.


"Thank you Topi Rats for breeding such beautiful and sweet pets! They are a joy to our family, especially to our eight-year-old son. They are so incredibly loving and funny and love to be with us. They really are the perfect pets for us."
-Suzan B and Family



"Good rats are hard to find.  Responsible, ethical breeders that truly care about their rats are even harder to find.  TOPI is a terrific example of both - great breeder, great rats.  I have the pleasure of owning several rats from Kelsey and can truly say they are exactly what she said they would be - as she knows her lines well.  I adore my rats from her and would highly recommend TOPI Rats to any rat owner who truly wants the best. "
-Kristen B.


"People should buy their rats from Topi Rats because Mrs. Kelsey breeds very, very, very.... very cute and sweet rats!" -Emily Rose

 This is Emily Rose, she adopted a little double rex agouti boy from me who was promptly named Rufus. She entered him in the agility competition and won first place!!!! It made my whole year! I wish all of you could have met this girl. When she first came up to the table she was just drawn to Rufus, and pointed him out saying "This one!!". And then after the fest when we were all leaving she was dancing out in the parking lot with her ribbon. I tell you what, it was just awesome ♥


Q: What foods are bad for rats?

A: Licorice, raw sweet potato's, Bleu cheese, raw red cabbage, raw Brussle sprouts, raw artichokes, green bananas, green potato skins & Rhubarb should not be fed to rats. Peanut butter straight from the jar can be dangerous, your rats mouth and throat can get all sticky and closed up and cause difficulty in breathing. Orange juice and other citrus can cause health problems. (Specifically kidney failure in Males only.) Carbonated drinks can cause problems, as rats can not burp or pass gas. A little drink every now and then is alright but do not let them drink a lot, as it could cause an upset stomach and/or bloating. Try not to feed your rats treats with a lot of sugar too frequently as it can cause diabetes or other health problems. Avoid caffeine, so no coffee or tea. Raw red meat is fine, cook all other meats. Do not feed the peel of any fruit or veggie. Avoid fatty (junk) foods.


"My children renamed Sven - Heavy Cream!  He is so funny - if he has something the others want, he hides in a corner and as the others move in he pushes their heads down with his hand - very cute.  The youngest (lightest color) is now Basil, the other two are Tyme and Parsley - Tyme has the most white on his face.  Parsley has turned the coolest color - he almost looks like a tortishell colored cat.

Thank you for great ratties,


Hi Kelsey-

So I thought I would let you know that all my rats are doing great!
They all have their own personalities
and are so much fun! The first few days, Phoebe was really shy but she completly turned that around.  
Shes the first one out of the cage lately and never wants to go back in!  She's also very sweet doing 
everything she can possibly do to clean and groom me (including trying to scratch her way into my 
Paige was never shy since I got her.  She's the smart one that is constantly hiding her treats before she eats
 them so she can get twice as many as anyone else.  Shes also the one that is also trying to play with the 
rest of them... tackling them until they finally do!

Piper was fine the first couple of days, but when she was out once Kirin knocked something over scaring
her.  So for the next week she would just not want to come out, squeaking and doing everything she could
 to stay in.  However, she did get over that and now shes the most adventerous one.. climbing everything!

Kirin, of course, is an absolute sweetheart. I let her run around my room and as soon as I call her name
she will come running out right away... a great listener.  She's also already learned a few tricks and 
definitely loves her fruit loops!  And even though, she's allowed to roam the room when its playtime, she 
loves to just lay with me and sleep on the bed while I study completly stretching herself out (theres a 

So I've also attached a few pictures for you! Well, take care and thanks again!


 Kirin Eating

 Kirin Sleeping Stretched Out

 Piper and Paige Begging to Play






Holy heck, they are SO AWESOME! Kelso is the sweetest darn thing, we
spend every night cuddling. And Olivia is like.. Words fail, she's
just amazing. Best shoulder rat I've gotten from anyone in a
looooooong time.

I'm serious, though. These six guys are amazing.
I'd make a simple one-weekend trip up to Denver just to get more rats
from you periodically. You've obviously got a really stellar mix of
wonderful personality breeding plus personal socialization going on.

From Misty of Nezumi No Samurai Rattery in TX


Adopter Comments (just got the babies home) : "The two rats are all snug in an old cloth diaper for the night. They are very cute
and have adapted well. The white one is Angel and the darker one is
Peekaboo. I've never seen such sweet and calm rats! "     -Adam


Hi Kelsey,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how great these boys are. I've never seen rats that love to give kisses as much as these guys do. They also got right in and joined the group after quarentine with no problems. Thank you so much!



Hey Kelsey,

My daughter loves her two birthday boys! She came running down to the kitchen this morning with this "Oh my goodness Daddy!!!" look on her face this morning. I had snuck in early this morning before she woke up and put the cage with the babies and the hammocks you made for them in her room on her dresser across from the bed so when she woke up they were the first thing she saw. Well, let's just say she was overly excited they were here. I was then drug by my pinky up to her room where we spent the better half of the morning playing and sharing our breakfast with the boys. Don't worry, fruit only :)

She named them Bounce and Jingle because of all the hopping around they do when you pet them. I'm really looking forward to watching them grow with Sarah.

Thanks for everything,

Dave (the Dad) & Sarah





Hey Kelsey,

We just got home and put the girls in their new cage. The whole ride home all they did was lick my hand. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the whole family. These guys have really been a joy, and thank you so much for driving 6 hours to bring them to us. It's not often you see that kind of dedication. And I never thought in a million years that the man I have been married to for 23 years would be asleep on the couch with a rat snuggled between his shoulder and his face. It's all most too much cuteness to handle :)

Thanks again for being so wonderful!

Lisa & Family