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                          2011 Shipment Ratties!

Misty's Shipment

Flight info :

Drop off and Departure
 08/05 - 7:30pm Drop off at World Wide Freight 8101 NE Airport Way  Departs at 11:59pm to Houston
 Transfer 08/06 - 5:52am rats arrive in Houston  Departs at 7:25am to DFW
 Arrival and Pick-up
 08/06 - 8:36am rats arrive in DFW
 Pick-Up at Air Cargo Office

 Rats for Misty :

 TOPI Snoop Ratty Rat BEH velveteen dumbo boy
 TOPI SoSueMe   Himi based burmese dumbo girl
 TOPI Illumise
 Black variegated (mismarked) girl
 TOPI Snorlax Russian blue E.I. (mismarked) rex boy
 TOPI Rosie Posie Prozac (For Shawnna)
 Himi based burmese dumbo girl (marker on tail)
 TOPI Angelica Montenegro (For Shawnna)
 BEH dumbo girl 
 TOPI K*******
 (Surprise) girl (breeding)
 TOPI R*******
 (Surprise) girl (snuggles)
 TOPI S******* (Surprise) girl (snuggles)
 TOPI I********
 (Surprise) boy (possibly breeding)
 TOPI P******* (Surprise) girl (breeding)
TOPI B*******
 (Surprise) girl but might switch to a boy for breeding reasons
TOPI S*******
 (Surprise) boy (snuggles and coolness factor :P)
Slots open for more if they come up :)



Leslie's Shipment

Flight Info :

 Drop off and Departure  08/07 - 8:45am Drop off at World Wide Freight  Departs at 10:40am to Houston
 Transfer 08/07 - 4:49pm rats arrive in Houston (I will be calling to verify they are ok at this time)
 Departs at 5:40pm to DIA
 Arrival and Pick-up
 08/07 - 7:15pm rats arrive at DIA
 Pick-up at
Continental Cargo 7640 Undergrove St Denver, CO 80249

 Rats for Leslie :

 TOPI LesRat
 Himi based burmese velveteen dumbo boy
 TOPI Lance Sweets
 BEH dumbo boy
 TOPI Sealeo
 American blue berkshire rex boy
 TOPI Meloetta
 Russian blue berkshire rex girl
 *TOPI Prunella Agouti hooded downunder rex manx girl
 TOPI Selkie
 Black berkshire rex/velv mix girl
 TOPI Statler
 Agouti hooded downunder rex boy
 TOPI Janice Agouti hooded downunder rex girl
 TOPI Ratatta
 Russian cinnamon variegated girl
 TOPI Finneon
 Black capped (mismarked) rex boy